Rock Nation Festival 18/03/2017 !!!


Rock Nation Festival : more than 6 hours of pure Rock’n’Roll !!

Rock Nation Music Agency is proud to celebrate his first festival with a bunch of real rockers, on the 18th March 2017.
We’ll start the party with the 3 finalists of our contest.
Names will be known on March 6th.
The jury will be composed by members of Rock Nation Music Agency, but also personalities from the Rock scene, such as Tino de Martino, bass player of “Channel Zero” and “La Muerte”.

Here is the schedule :

16h00 – 16h20 : 1st band contest
16h30 – 16h50 : 2nd band contest
17h00 – 17h20 : 3rd band contest
17h35 – 18h00 : Electric Feel
18h20 – 19h00 : bUNNY bLACK bONES
19h20 – 20h00 : The Synd
20h20 – 21h00 : Raxola
21h20 – 22h00 : Z
22h20 – 22h30 : Contest’s results
22h30 – 23h15 : SteeLover
23h30 – 00h30 : La Polizia




The Synd


Electric feel

La Polizia