No Class… Celebrating Lemmy.


On the 28th of December in 2015, the Rock’N’Roll sphere just stop turning for a day.
The late great Lemmy Kilmister holstered his iconic Rickenbacker for the very last time. « The only time I’m easy’s when I’m KILLED BY DEATH », Lemmy sang. Believe it or not, when Lemmy’s gone, it didn’t seems easy at all to take it in. Motörhead’s charismatic leader was use to celebrate the Rock Spirit & Energy, it’s our turn now to celebrate Lemmy.

Created in September 2012, NO CLASS isn’t a band of neophytes – its all three members having built a solid experience for more than twenty years. Three fellas who fell in love with the first legendary Motörhead’s albums (1978-1983) when they were even not 20. The set list includes all the masterpieces of this period as Overkill, Bomber, Ace Of Spades, I Got Mine, Jailbait, Love Me Like A Reptile, Iron Fist, Speed Freak and many more.

Must seen.