F•L•O•Y•D – Another Brick in Our Wall !


You’ve never been to an actual Pink Floyd show ? In the words of Kurt Cobain : « Nevermind » ! F•L•O•Y•D is the ideal occasion to live an incredibly realistic Pink Floyd experience. The band was founded with the intention to recreate an exact Pink Floyd sound & lightshow and the least we can say is that we met these conditions. Nine musicians on stage, with the same passion for this music from another dimension, just giving the highest importance to the smallest details.

The icing on the cake : F•L•O•Y•D uses the legendary circular giant screen on stage, which allow the audience to live a more vibrant, more captivating and more explosive experience. Everything is « MORE », nothing is dead. Meet the spirit of one of the most iconic rock bands in History with F•L•O•Y•D and Rock Nation !