Breaking news : BJ Scott supports Rock Nation


We’re so glad to announce that our friend BJ supports us in our mission.
She kindly accepted to make this video clip, talking about us and our crowdfunding.

Beverly Jo Scott was born in Alabama, the deep South of the USA, rocked by the sounds of blues, gospel, country and rock.
The eventful paths of this eternal vagabond will lead her to settle in Europe and Belgium.
She plays first in the street, in bars, then in clubs and very quickly, the sensuality and the sensitivity of her voice make it one of the most popular backing vocalists of the Old Continent, while Starting a solo career (five studio albums, three « live », one DVD) and many concerts.
She has sang with so many artists like Maurane, Paul Personne, Cabrel, Souchon, Lavilliers, Axel Bauer, Higelin, Zap Mama, Bertignac, Adamo, Toots Tielmans, Elliot Murphy, Niagara, Eddy Mitchell, Deep Forest, Chamfort, Sam Moore, Matmatah… and ARNO with the famous duo: « Jean Baltazaarrr ».

The Rock Nation Team thanks you, BJ, for your generosity, your availability and your kindness.
We’ll see you on the road !

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